• Sridevi has lot of class, even today she has maintained herself well. (

Aishwarya Rai (Actress)



  • Sridevi, I'm a die-hard fan of hers. I remember watching her super hit films Himmatwala and Tohfa when I was a cook in Bangkok. Even in my wildest dreams I couldn't have imagined that I'd be her hero one day. I was on cloud nine when Pankaj Parashar cast me opposite her in Meri Biwi Ka Jawab Nahin. But though the film is 90% complete it's been languishing in the cans for over three years. Sad. (Filmfare, Oct, 1999).

Akshay Kumar

  • If I like a performance I send flowers. I had seen Sridevi in one song in Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja and sent her flowers. (Filmfare, March, 2001).

Amitabh Bachchan (Actor)

  • I would love to do the role like the one Sridevi did in 'Chaalbaaz' (The Times of India, Sept, 2004).
  • as a kid, I wanted to be like Madonna, Sridevi and Madhuri. (Filmfare,March,2005).

Amrita Arora

  • Except for Sridevi all the other heroines including myself can be slotted together. I'm afraid it is reality and its time we face reality. I'm sorry but I'm speaking the truth. Today most producers are proposal makers and most heroines are interchangeable. Sridevi is the only heroine who makes a difference in the selling price of a film.. Sridevi is there for keeps. Take it or leave it. She is like Rajiv Gandhi and the rest of us heroines are like the cabinet ministers. (Showtime, Jan, 1989)

Amrita Singh

  • My relationship with Sri is like it has always been, cordial and polite. I think Judaai was the right film for Sri to say goodbye. But I wish she'd return to act in more meaningful films. Im sure shell be back. (Filmfare, Sept, 1997).

  • I could never imagined Sridevi as my bhabhi. Otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to do a single romantic scene with her. (Filmfare, Nov, 1998).

  • Sridevi is India's Charlie Chaplin.
  • I miss Madhuri. She had a lot of qualities. Both Sridevi and Madhuri were superb. I don't miss Sri because she's family. (Filmfare, May,2002).

  • Malini Iyer will rock this country. (The Times of India, Jan, 2004).

  • So who's his favorite heroine? "From Rani to Sameera Reddy to Kajol, Aishwarya, all new heroines are very professional. But it was Sridevi who simply lit up the screen with her presence."  So would Anil consider working opposite his real life bhabhi ? "Why not, if Sridevi's okay with it. One has to admit that our pairing was excellent together." (The Times of India, Dec, 2004).

Anil Kapoor

  • My favorite actress is Sridevi.


  • Sridevi, with whom I have done several films like Lamhe, Chaalbaaz, Chandini, is an all-time favourite of mine.
    (The Times of India, Aug, 2008).


Anupam Kher

  • Sridevi has a wonderful sense of comedy. Has she really left films? (Filmfare, Feb, 1998).

Aparna Sen

  • In case of Sridevi, people know her as the bubbly, mischievous actress, which she actually plays in this serial "Malini Iyer". At the same time, we have all missed her for a very long time so the hiatus and curiosity will be the add-ons. (The Times of India, Jan, 2004).

Asha Parekh (Actress)

  • My dream role would be Sridevi’s Sadma and Rani Mukherjee’s in Black.  (, Nov, 2008)

Ashima Bhalla

  • There is a great respect for South Indian artistes in Mumbai. Vyjayanthimala, Hemamalini and Sridevi were respected a lot. I want to emulate them. I should do a movie like 'Moondram Pirai' in my career. (, Nov, 2007).


  • She's still the best. Flops can'r take away any artiste's talent. Like the calibre of Dilip Kumar and Amitabh Bachchan can never be in doubt even though some of their films may not have been box-office successes. Today, we remember Madhubala and Meena Kumari with great affection. Twenty to 30 years from now, the new generation will hold Sridevi in high regard as well. She's a professional who takes care of details - like her make-up and costumes. She can be fanatically dedicated. I remember we were shooting the rain-dance, Kaate Nahin Katte for Mr.India. She had high temperature but refused to call off shooting that day. (Filmfare, April, 1994)

Baba Azmi

  • Sridevi is an exceptionally good actress, earlier this year she was approached for one of my films Brahma Teja. It is a period film and she had agreed to do it. if she still willing to do it then we will make the film. that character has been made for her. nobody else can play it. if not, we will simply drop the project.
    (Cine Blitz, Aug, 1996)


  • Sridevi's box office potential is greater than Hema or Rekha's ever was. Hema and Rekha thrived at a time when there was no video. Next to Amitabh Bachchan, Sridevi is the only one who can guarantee definite returns over a period of time. Earlier heroines were popular but they never were a craze like Sridevi  is. Her fan following matches that of a hero and she can overshadow any hero as she did in Mr India. Her contribution to the success of Chandni is 90 per cent.
    (Filmfare, Aug, 1990)


Balakrishna Shroff

  • I've enjoyed working with Sridevi. It's been a delight to work on her face. (Filmfare, Feb, 2000).

Bharat Godambe
(Make-up Artiste)

  • She may be going through a bad phase but her market position is still strong. If she has had a row of flops, it's because she chose some wrong films and was paired against wrong heroes like Salman Khan in Chandramukhi.
    If you ask me, Sridevi, Madhuri Dixit and Juhi Chawla are in the same slot today. If some people are saying that there have been too many films of Sridevi, then that's true of the other two actresses aswell. There is little doubt that Sridevi is a marvelous actress; if she gets the right director, story and of course, a hero who doesn't look awkward with her, then she will certainly outclass the competition.  (Filmfare, April, 1994)

Bharat Shah

  • Sridevi, irrespective of the banner, drew in the crowds-a film like Gair Kanooni, opposite Govinda, had the crowds whistling to her performance and gyrations.  What is creditable is that when Sridevi came into her own, Bollywood had completely reduced heroines to dancing and titillating props. Yet, she brought the heroine wave back with power-packed performance in films like Sadma, Mr India, Chaalbaaz, Chandni and Lamhe. No male star could eclipse her, not even Amitabh Bachchan in Inquilaab and Khuda Gawah. Her star power was the kind one saw only during the Meena Kumari, Hema Malini and Vyjanthimala phase, where the heroine not only played the protagonist but also drew in the crowds. Sridevi rewrote the market price for heroines in Bollywood and became the first Hindi film heroine to get Rs 1 crore per film. (The Economic Times, Nov, 2006)

Bharti Dubey
(Film Critic, Journalist)


  • Sridevi's presence is electrifying. She is absolutely magnificent. I was in awe for her, which is why I fell in love with her. There is nobody better than Sridevi for sure. (Filmfare, Jan, 2000).
  • Of course Anil has to be part of Mr. India 2. I can't see Mr. India without Anil, and as far as Sridevi is concerned, things need to be worked out. We could only decide once the script is entirely ready. (The Times of India,Oct, 2005).
  • It’s definite that Sridevi will return this year. We’ve short listed a number of interesting scripts and hope to finalize one by the end of this month. (Kolkata News, Jan, 2007).
  • Trust me, I'm as anxious about Sri's comeback as all her fans. Why wouldn't I want to utilise such talent and beauty from my own home? But we can't put her in any project. The script has to justify Sri's presence. And we're working on it. (, December,2007).

Boney Kapoor

  • When I saw Sridevi she was the number one actress In India at that time. Honestly she looked quite plain to me. She reminded me of an Italian pop singer. It struck me that this chubby girl would not even get a job as an extra in Hollywood, but never mind, I'm sure many Italian stars wouldn't make it in India either, neither as actresses, nor as extras. (Zee Premier, Dec, 1999).

Carlos Silvestro (Photojournalist)
  • Sridevi is one actor who has inspired me time and again. That’s the reason I have tried to emulate her in No Entry. Her style of acting has always fascinated me. She is someone who could look stunning in Indian as well as Western outfits. In fact, I wouldn’t even mind working in something like ‘Return of the Nagin’. Sridevi is someone who I wouldn’t feel shy to emulate. ( Dec, 2007).

Celina Jaitley

  • I just love Sridevi. I think if she hadn't married Boney, I would've definitely tried for her. Seriously, I hate Boney and I meant it. Sri is the only strong crush I've ever had. I would spend all my money, whatever I earned on impressing he, I used to wear new clothes everyday when she was shooting with us, in the fervent hope that she would look at me. (Stardust, Aug, 1998).


  • I have three favorites, Kamal Hassan, Sridevi and of course Amitabh Bachchan, Sridevi because she is so natural and spontaneous. She has no hang ups about camera angles or even about making faces, which goes down so well with the audience. They go into rapture about her and right fully so.
    (Star & Style, May, 1988)


Deepa Sahi

  • If Sridevi and Hema Malini can do television, why can't I? (December, 2003)

Dimple Kapadia

  • I love to play Sridevi's Character in Chaalbaaz (Filmfare, January, 2002).

Diya Mirza

  • I would love to work with the legends like Sridevi or Dilip Kumar .I have always admired their work.
    (, March, 2008)

Emraan Hashmi

  • An actress survives only for five to six years these days. The days of stars like Hema Malini and Sridevi, who survived for decades, are gone. (Filmfare, March,2005).

Esha Deol

  • I wish I could make Sridevi dance to my steps — that’s my dream!
     (The Times of India, June, 2008).



  • I was crazy about Madhuri Dixit and Sridevi films, I would copy their dances, their facial expressions, their outfits, everything! (, Aug, 2006)

  • I was just two when I performed at a family wedding to the music of the Nagina chartbuster, Main Teri Dushman. After that my family started calling me Sridevi. (, Sept, 2006).

Geeta Basra


  • I will tell you about this incident with Sridevi, I went for this show with her about seven - eight years back when her Nagina had just released. At the show, I took away all the applause. Around one in the night, Srideviji called me and asked: "Govindaji can you come for a rehearsal?" I went across to meet her and the entire family was awake. She asked me, "How do you remember the steps of my dances?" I told her that I was great fan of hers and used to copy her and Jeetubahi on stage. That's how I remembered all her steps. She then learnt the steps from me until three o'clock in the night. At the next day's show, she overshadowed me completely. This kind of dedication, sincerity and honesty to win is required. How can someone like that be anything but No.1?.(Stardust, May, 1999).


  • Some of our beautiful women are choosing to settle down with ordinary looking men. And Sridevi's married Boney Kapoor when she could have had any man falling at her feet.
    (Filmfare, Jan, 1998)

Gulshan Grover

  • Sridevi is the only heroine who makes a difference to the price of the film. Something which a Hema or a Rekha never were. For instance a film with Anil Kapoor or Sunny makes more financial sense if it also has Sridevi in it and it allows for a price increase from 3 to 5 Lakhs and ensures a substantial long term return.
    (Filmfare, Aug, 1990)


Gulshan Rai
(Distributor, Producer)

  • I'd love to do roles like Sridevi did in Lamhe or Hema Malini essayed in Seeta Aur Geeta.


  • I wish I could be a part of Lamhe. I’ve seen it about 50 times. I love Sridevi’s role in it. (, Dec, 2008)

Gracy Singh

  • Sridevi was in the audience for Bride & Prejudice. And I hope she enjoyed the snake dance that Meghnaa has done as a tribute to Sridevi in Nagina . (The Times of India, Nov, 2004).

Gurinder Chadha (Director)

  • I make films for Sridevi. the costars are not important. if people can make films for Amitabh why I can't make films for Sri and admit it too. Sridevi is an actress possessed once the camera starts whirring. then she is electrifying! before the shot, she maybe sitting in a corner and you may not even notice her. but when she's in action, you cannot ignore her magnetism or overlook the fire in her. for Heer Ranjha I had five to six distributors per territory willing to shell out whatever money I quoted. It was difficult refusing them. This is a clear indication that Sri has all the selling power even today. (Star & Style, July, 1991)

  • Sridevi is a wonder. Today you can call her the female Amitabh Bachchan of the industry. Among heroines even Hema Malini cannot be compared to her. . Sridevi is a director's delight. She always gives you more than what you expect from her.
    (Showtime, Jan, 1990)

Harmesh Malhotra
(Director, Producer)

  • Even at the age of gymnastics, Sridevi has stood out with her own distinct style as actress as well as dancer. (Filmfare, Nov, 1998).


  • I’d love to do the characters Sridevi played in Chaalbaaz and Sadma. She is my favourite actress.
    (, July, 2008)


  • I always wanted to play Sridevi’s Chandni and interestingly, in Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi, my name’s Chandni. 
    (The Times of India, Oct, 2008).

Ishaa Koppikar

  • Sridevi was like a goddess. I think she was divine. (Cine Blitz, Dec, 1999).
  • I find Sridevi  a very reserved person. and like most professional artistes  she never wastes her time. in between shots she is either re doing her make up  or thinking about how to do the next shot. I think it is a good practice. I feel all the other actresses should follow her example instead of sitting idle or gossiping, somehow after Karma I haven't been paired with her, maybe because my producers cannot afford her.
    (Showtime, Aug, 1992)

Jackie Shroff
(Actor, Producer)

  • Sridevi was nice when she was controlled. (Filmfare, Feb, 1998).

Javed Jaffri
(Actor, VJ)

  • Sridevi is a very confident  actress who has never gone far enough. Even in Sadma, Kamal Hassan was much better than her. And I don't like Sri's voice. But then god doesn't give you everything. (Filmfare, Aug, 1998).

Jaya Bachchan

  • With Sridevi  there was no jealously. All our films were done in a professional manner. (The Hindu, August, 2007).


  • Sridevi and I are big box office team. (Star & Style, July, 1983)

Jaya Prada

  •  I have done 15 films with Sri. Her sincerity and her inborn gift for acting brought her forward. She has carried herself very well and to this day, one cannot guess how old she is though she has been playing the heroine for the last 12 years. It could be a case of overexposure but somehow she has changed her look and dress-sense to keep pace with the times. Her films like Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja and Chandramukhi may have come if for a lot of criticism but no one had a bad word to say about Sri's performances. (Filmfare, April, 1994)

  • Lots of people tell me that Sridevi and I looked good on screen. She is an amazing dancer and an astounding actress. I've lost count on the number of films that we did together. Sri is a professional when it comes to work and that's the reason she survived for so many years. She broke the myth that a Hindi film actress has a short career. (Zee Premier, Dec, 2000).

  • Sridevi went on making snakes a big hit after Nagina. so much so that every second film today has snakes in it.
    (Cine Blitz, Oct, 1988)



  • On screen I love Sridevi's style of dressing. (Movie, Oct, 1997).

  •  I related better with people of my age like Govinda and Aamir Khan but meeting somebody like Sridevi was traumatic. (Stardust, Feb, 2000).

Juhi Chawla
(Actress, Producer)

  • My Favorite actress. I think Sridevi. I would have to say. She is my favorite. I love her. I told her one day I met her you should really open up a school. Because its amazing she knows... I mean if you watch her she knows everything about her job . Its not only about standing in front of the camera. She knows how she should hold her body, how to cut her weight, how she should stand, face, speak, light... She knows how to light her face. Most actors do not pay attention to these details. (Conversation with Aamir Khan).

Kajol (Actress)

  • When Sridevi came in the industry she were near my age and we got very well. I adore Sridevi. (Cine Blitz, July, 1999).

Kalpana Iyer

  • I simply adore the screen goddess. Even if I am able to deliver a wee bit of the Sridevi magic, I would think that I have lived my life. (The Hindu, Jan, 2007).

  • I grew up watching Sridevi's films. She is my role model. I would love to work in a movie like Sadma (India Glitz, June, 2007).

Kamna Jethmalani (Actress)

  • Madhuri Dixit gave her first hit after nine years. Sridevi never had a historical hit. And yet they were the top actresses because they were immensely talented. The same goes for me too. (Filmfare, Mar. 2002) .

  • Whenever my mom and dad weren't in the house I would sing and dance like Sridevi. I was completely mad about her. I would show my theatrics - hand gestures and facial expressions - before the mirror. I am extremely happy to be associated with Sridevi in "Khushi" and her husband, Boney, who is like family. I never felt for a second that I was working with a strict unit. (The Hindu, Dec, 2002).

  • Who is your role model? "Undoubtedly, Sridevi as she had immense screen presence. How do you explain the fact that Sridevi was a bigger draw than Madhuri Dixit, though she did not have as many hits? (The Hindu, Dec, 2004).

  • I like wearing saris. They can be really glamorous. Look how sensuous Sridevi looked in a sari in 'Chandni' and 'Mr. India' (

  • I believe in the strategy of Sridevi, Madhuri and Karisma Kapoor. And banking on one or two films in a year is not what I want to do.

Kareena Kapoor

  • I've always dreamt that one day film-makers would be writing roles for me like they did for Rekha and Sridevi. (Filmfare,March,2001).

  • A good actress will be good even in a small role or a bad movie and you can see that in people like Sridevi, Kajol, Madhuri Dixit and hopefully me.


Karisma Kapoor

  • I admire Madhuri, Sridevi, Kajol — they've all had fantastic careers and they've all had super successes. (, March, 2008)

Katrina Kaif

  • Sridevi  is an all rounder, she is unarguably the best No.1 actress we've ever known. Hema Malini & Rekha just didn't have the same snap and crackle, the electricity. Mumtaz was pretty, perky, yes but Sridevi's zoomed league ahead. Sridevi can dance, act , she has charisma, oomph, energy. No actress can combine all these elements. Not surprisingly she doesn't have a competitor of equal merit.  Put them on  the screen with her and they'll look like her hand maidens.  (Filmfare, Aug, 1990)

Khalid Mohamed
(Film Critic, Director)

  • Sridevi  look like an angel, walk like a queen and behave like a princess. (Cine Blitz, Aug, 1996)

Kiran Kumar

  • If you look back, at the actresses of the past like Nutan, Sridevi or Madhuri, people just kept coming back to see their films. They had such a long shelf-life. (

  • Filmmakers believe I am good at comedy. I am happy entertaining people. After Sridevi, Bollywood has not had any actress really good at comedy. (The Times of India, Nov, 2007)

  • My favorite film stars are Aamir Khan and Sridevi. Natural actors both of them. (, Oct, 2008)

Lara Dutta (Actress)

  • I have encountered, heard and seen every living star except for the ultimate one ((Sridevi)). I want to tell not only my children but even my grandchildren that I met Sridevi. (Stardust Annual, 1997).

Lara Khambatta
  • I liked Sridevi in Yashji's Chandni and Lamhe and in Sadma. She's very pretty and well presented in Yashji's films. (Filmfare, Oct, 1999).

Lata Mangeshkar (Playback Singer)

  • In the 80s, it was Sridevi, she was charming, bubbly and especially good with her comic timing. Mr. India, Sadma and Lamhe show her off to the best advantage. (Filmfare, Feb, 1998).

(Painter, Director)

  •  I hope im not sounding presumptuous or vain. but I think like Sridevi, I was another heroine who could break the barriers between the classes and the masses. (Filmfare, July, 1997).

  • Of course, an actress can put her career on hold for the man she loves. If Sridevi can do it, why cant I? (Filmfare, Feb, 1998).

Madhuri Dixit

  • I don't hold anything against Sridevi. I've met her and the baby, thankfully she is exactly like Sri. (Stardust, July)


  • Sridevi symbolizes femininity and sensuality of the typical Indian woman. I couldn't have found a better reference point for my collection. (The Hindu, Nov, 2005)

Maheep Kapoor

  • I have been a fan of Sridevi and playing her husband was a big feather in my cap. Initially I thought she would have Bollywood star tantrums and attitude but she is nothing of that sort. She is extremely mischievous and the soul of our serial.(The Times of India, Jan, 2004).


  • Malini Iyer’ is very close to me as it is something that I have always wanted to do. My criteria while selecting a role is to identify a perfect story line. I did not make an exception for “Malini Iyer”. I knew the star of the serial will be Sridevi but when the producer offered me this interesting role, I accepted it. (Chandigarh India, March, 2004).

Mahesh Thakur (Actor)

  • Sridevi, but more than envy I admire her. Wow what a woman. She's had a wonderful span. A great actress. I mean even in her last movie Judaai she was amazing. (Stardust, March, 1998).

Mahima Chaudhury (Actress)

  • Sridevi was mind-blowing in Chandni & Lamhe, in my opinion neither Madhuri nor Karisma in Dil To Pagal Hai could have matched up to Sridevi's performances in those two films. I want to reach the hieghts that Sridevi did with Yash Chopra whenever I get a chance to work with him. (Filmfare, Jan, 1998).


  • Competition is very important  but Madhuri and I are two different individual . I cannot see in what way we are similar. Neither do I claim to be a competitor to Sridevi, she is a class apart. (Movie, Jan, 1990)

Manisha Koirala

  • I've enjoyed making clothes for Mumtaz, Jaya Bachchan, Sharmila Tagore, Waheedaji, Rekha and Sridevi. (Filmfare,2002).

  • Sridevi was a queen. I loved her. Many things she taught me about costume designing. She was such a diva. After designing for her, working for others is a cakewalk.

  • Sridevi is my favourite actress in terms of dressing sense. I started my work with her, learnt so much from her. Apart from being one of the finest actresses, I think she has a lot of knowledge about costumes.

  • I’ve enjoyed dressing her up the most. Sridevi may not have been the trendiest of actresses, but when it came to choosing clothes for herself, she knows exactly which colour or cut suits her best. (The Times of India, March, 2003).

Manish Malhotra (Designer)

  • I’ve have loved Sridevi's performances over the years and would like to be known as a versatile actress just like her. (The Times of India,Oct, 2003)

Mehek Chahal (Actress)

  • Videocon has had a long association with movie stars. Sridevi was one of the major actresses, who modelled the PIP for us in 1989. She did an excellent job and in my view, the biggest breakthrough for Videocon came after that ad. (Cine Blitz, July, 1999).

Mukesh Gupta (Chairman Of IB&W)
  • The Sridevi I'm directing now in Khuda Gawah is a self assured person, consious of every move that she makes in front of the camera. she's watching Amitabh step by step. Its fascinating the way the two keep watching each other perform. I think it's a tribute to Sridevi that Amitabh should sit and watch her work! for me it's an unique experience. I don't think there's been anyone quite like her in our films. she can do just about anything. and brilliantly. (Filmfare, Aug, 1990)

Mukul Anand

  • If Aishwarya Rai charges 2 crore for a film with say, Shah Rukh Khan, in all likelihood, he will earn five to six times more than her. Dream Girl Hema Malini and Sridevi were the only two actresses who were able break this stereotype. Hema Malini charged a sum of Rs 14 lakh in her prime, at a time when the top billed superstar Rajesh Khanna was charging a similar fees. Sridevi on the other hand charged a whopping Rs 40 lakh when Amitabh Bachchan, Sanjay Dutt, Sunny Deol and other top billed actors of that time were charging Rs 30 to 40 lakh. (, Nov, 2007)

N. P. Yadav
(Senior Trade Analyst)
  • My absolute favourite actress is Sridevi. We did a completely zany film for Ram Gopal Varma called Govinda Govinda. (Filmfare, Dec, 1999).


  • Sridevi is the most ravishing woman of the Indian screen. we vibe well.
    (Movie, Sept, 1994)


  • I was looking forward to working with Sridevi, but now I am told she has backed out of Yugpurush. I loved Sridevi's work in her early films. she was fantastic in the Tamil versions of Solva Sawan and Sadma (Movie, March, 1996).

Nana Patekar

  • I began designing for Sridevi in Yash Chopra’s Chandni,. Here she needed elegant clothes in white with lots of bangles for her nau nau chudiyan number.

  • the queen of the 1980s was Sridevi.

  • in the most simple of outfits, Sridevi looks just too gorgeous.
    (Movie, Jan, 1991)

Neeta Lulla

  • I have grown up watching films like Mr India. As a child I loved actresses like Rekha and Sridevi. (, April, 2008)


Padma Lakshmi
(Model, Actress)

  • the minute 'Jalwa' came out, I was signed for my second feature film 'Chalbaaz'...Wasn't Sridevi amazing in it? In fact, when Saroj Khan was shooting a knockout number with Isha in 'Inteqaam', we kept remembering Sridevi." (

Pankaj Prashar (Director)



  • Sridevi is dynamite. You wait and see, She'll shake up the whole industry.  (Star & Style, July, 1983).

Prasan Kapoor 

  • As a kid, I adored Sridevi in Chaal Baaz. (Movie, Sept, 1998).

  • In Bollywood, I am only fond of Sridevi. I'd have loved to play Sridevi's character in Lamhe or Chaalbaz.


  • I'm a film freak. I'm always watching movies on my DVD player, especially Sridevi's. I think she is a marvellous actress. I would love to play the character which she played in Chaalbaaz and Khuda Gawah(The Times of India, April, 2006).

Preeti Jhangiani 

  • I want to be like Sridevi & I want to do both glamorous and non-glamorous roles like Manisha Koirala, I don’t want to called just a pretty bimbo.


  • Sridevi is the greatest actress we have in India today.
    (In Koffee with Karan)

Preity Zinta

  • I am a great fan of Sridevi and I always wanted to do the role she played in Sadma. I saw it as a stroke of luck when I got to play a mentally challenged girl in the Malayalam film. And I would be lying If I said I did not copy Sri. Yes, she was my inspiration, but I can never compare myself to her. Sri is Sri. Also, I got the opportunity to play a snake woman in Devi, which Sridevi had already done years back in Nagina. If someone complimented me by saying that I copy her, I would consider it an award.
     (The Times of India,  Jan, 2001)


  • Id love to do Sridevi's role in Chaal Baaz and Sadma. (Stardust, March, 1998).

Priya Gill

  • Sridevi is a temple when it comes to acting.


  • My all-time top three favourite actresses are Madhuri Dixit, Sridevi and Kajol (Screen, May, 2007).

Priyanka Chopra (Actress)

  • Sridevi  in “Kate nahin kat-te yeh din yeh raat” gave an entirely new definition to the “blue wet Indian clingy sari trick. She was in splendid form. Pure magic. And the rains did the rest.
    (, Sept, 2007)

Rahul Bose

  • Sridevi  is a great actress. (Cine Blitz, March, 1996)

Rahul Khanna (Actor)

  • Sridevi is "the only one" as is clear from what her directors say. All other heroines are way behind in everything. As was once said of Amitabh Bahchan that with him in a film you don't need anyone else - it is now being said of Sridevi. This would mean producers rushing to her with "Sridevi only" scripts  leaving her very little to choose from. (Showtime, Jan, 1990)


Rahul Laud
(Film Critic)

  • Sridevi is mindblowing in Gurudev. Vinod Mehra has done a terrific job of extracting the right kind of performance from this "one take" actress. Sri's first shot is generally her best.
    (Star & Style, July, 1991)


Raj Sippy

  • I take it as a compliment when I am compared to Sridevi in Sadma because I simply loved her in that film.
    (, Feb, 2008)


Rajshri Thakur (Actress)

  • I'm a big fan of Sridevi. I met Boney Kapoor and Sridevi. I nearly fainted when she congratulated me. Her daughters love me. They are such beautiful kids. They had come to me for a byte for their school project which I gave happily. (, Nov,2007).

Rakhi Sawant (Actress)

  • During my days as an engineering college student, I used to be a big fan of Sridevi's. I used to watch all her films on the first day, first show and had stuck her posters all over the walls of my room. And I had friends who were even more obsessed than I was. There was a guy who I remember used to actually talk to her posters. In those days we used to even have heated arguments about the kind of person that Sridevi really was. we would hate to read gossip columns because we had formed a picture - perfect image of her's in our minds and didn't like to read anything that went contrary to it. Mast is about the whole star-fan syndrome, inspired by my youthful obsession with Sridevi. (Zee Premier, Oct, 1999).

Ram Gopal Varma (Director)

  • Karisma, Ever since she was knee high she wanted to be an actress. She’d dance to Sridevi songs and my father doted on her. (Filmfare,March,2005).

Randhir Kapoor
(Actor, Producer)

  • I admire Sridevi. (Zee Premier, March, 2000).


  • Sridevi and Madhuri. I used to absolutely adore them then and even now. I think they were unbelievable and I don’t think there can ever be any one like them ever. They were complete actresses according to me. They did everything so well and just so right. They were so magical on screen.
    (, Nov, 2006)

Rani Mukherjee

  • Sridevi and I struck a good rapport during Laadla.
    (Stardust, May, 1997).

Raveena Tandon

  • Working with Sridevi in Army was great. Sridevi was my dream woman. I was in love with her before she got married. (, Feb, 2007)

Ravi Kissen

  • I saw her for the first time in Chennai. She was shooting at the AVM studio for a Malayalam film with Kamal Hassan. She had a unique expression on her face. Much later I saw her in Sadma. Her performance in the film was brilliant. I think it's her best to date. It is remarkable how well she has groomed herself. In the early stages she used to be somewhat clumsy even though her talent was never in doubt. But she was always a quick learner with an amazing grasping power. She picks up things in no time, be it make up technique, dress sense or voice modulation. She's a truly self made woman. She is my uncrowned queen. Sri is one actress who looks good in any outfit, western or Indian. I remember she was very unsure of herself in the early stages. In spite of that to have achieved what she has is indeed remarkable. I feel she should come back to films. Legions of her fans will be thrilled if she did. (Zee Premier, Jan, 2000).

  • I think it is a dangerous thing to pit Madhuri against Sri. I don't think Madhuri is a match for Sri. The comparison will only provoke Sri to hit back with a vengeance. she's a woman of will, she'll be like a wounded tigress now.
    (Filmfare, Aug, 1990)


  • I've been designing for Raveena Tandon, Shilpa Shetty, Manisha Koirala and Sridevi, who I believe are trendsetters of style, fashion and clothes. (Filmfare, 2002)


  • I'd been on the look out for a new girl for Chaand Kaa Tukdaa but can you believe I couldn't find even one who was worthy for a screen test! finally I settled for Sridevi, she's really maintained herself well. (Filmfare, Jan, 1992)

Saawan Kumar
(Director, Producer)

  • Women shy away from making faces or looking funny, but men don’t. Madhuri Dixit and Sridevi pulled it off last and since then, there hasn’t really been anyone. (The Times of India, Dec, 2007)

Sajid Khan

  • It's good to work with an actress like Sridevi. but I'm scared. she has the reputation of finishing off the hero with her performance. (Filmfare, Jan, 1992)


Salman Khan

  • My favourite rain song is “Lagi aaj sawan ki phir vo jhadi hai” from Chandni. It is filled with romance and nostalgia and Sridevi was so dignified in the rain. (, Sept, 2007)


Sammir Dattani

  • I’ve always been a die-hard fan of Yashji and Sridevi. It would be wonderful if a role that resembles the one played by Sridevi in Sadma, is directed by Yashji. (The Times of India, June, 2003).

Sangeeta Ghosh (Actress)

  • I love Sridevi because she was one actress who could overshadow her heroes on the screen. If I can achieve even 10 per cent of what Sridevi achieved, I will be happy. (Entertainment, April, 2004).


  • Sridevi has only done commercial films. Yet she's acknowledged as a terrific actress. If you're good, you're good. (Filmfare, May, 1999).

Sanjay Kapoor

  • Sridevi and Madhuri Dixit are also my favourites. I think Sridevi's dances in Chalbaaz and Madhuri teaming up with my favourite dancer Birju Maharaj for 'Kahe chede mohe' in my Devdas are among my golden moments as a dance aficionado. (The Times of India, Sept, 2006).

Sanjay Leela Bhasali (Director)

  • I've made Sridevi look sensuous in a six yard saari. I don't think I made her drop her Pallu in that song I love you in Mr India, but she still looked sexy. (Movie, Oct, 1997).

  • I remember even dancers like Vyjyantimala and Waheeda Rehmaan used to closely pay attention to what their choreographers used to teach them! The urge to learn is not seen today. No one can be compared to the likes of Madhuri and Sridevi when it comes to dancing to date. (IndiaTimes Movies, Nov, 2007)

  • Madhuri dances with anyone, she’s been a neutral person from the start. Now Sridevi was different. She used to fight for my dates.  (IndiaTimes Movies, Nov, 2007)

Saroj Khan (Choreographer)

  • Almost every time I get a near perfect shot from Sri.. she is very instinctive and spontaneous actress. she gives a shot with so much depth and meaning. (Showtime, Jan, 1990)

Satish Kaushik
(Director, Actor)
  • Sridevi was chosen for the show Mrs Malini Iyer because she had delivered some great performances in comedy roles. She had exactly fitted into the character in this serial. (December,2004).

Satish Menon
(President, sales, marketing and distribution, SaharaOne Television)
  • Sridevi is like a pure marble. she can be moduled into any role with anyone. (Star & Style, July, 1991)

Sattee Shourie

  • Today if Sridevi wanted me to act in a film with her, she'd just have to ring up my secretary and I'd gladly work with her. No questions asked. (Filmfare, Aug, 1998).

  • I adore Sridevi, But I will not see her having a huge pimpile on her nose. Youre robbing my fantasy then. (Filmfare, Jan, 2000).

  • I've worked with Sridevi for ten days and I know how wonderful it was. I think more than directors, one should work with these actors to know how bad you are.

  • I feel those who can't do comedy can't act. My favorite comic actors are Peter Sellers, Juhi Chawla and Sridevi. (CNN, April, 2007).

Shah Rukh Khan
(Actor, Producer)

  • I'm very fond of Sridevi. Undoubtedly she's the best actress we have, in terms of totality. Stardom and acting rarely go together but in her case, they do. (Cine Blitz, March, 1996)

Shatrughan Sinha

  • I never miss a Sridevi  film. I've seen most of her Tamil and Telugu films. I was very impressed by her performance in Moondram Pirai. She was brilliant. I'd like to make an intense love story with Sridevi and Amitabh. As an actress she's remarkable. By far the most complete performer we ever had. You may call her an extension of Geeta Bali. she has surpassed Vyjaianthimala and Mumtaz. she has the passion of Meena Kumari and Nargis and the vulnerable charm of Madhubala. All she need is to do a film like Mughal E Azam.
    (Filmfare, Aug, 1990)

  • When Sridevi dances she performs as an actress and not only as a dancer. her face is so lovely as her body then. sometimes this is a problem and would also put me in two minds. You see, her face is very expressive and its architecture rapidly changes. This is an asset but changes the viewers focus from her body to her face.  but that is also the sign of a great performer. . Undoubtly she is the biggest film star now. (Showtime, Jan, 1990)

Shekhar Kapur

  • Sridevi was superb while playing the twin sisters, Anju and Manjuin Chaalbaaz. I like her as Chandni in ‘Chandni’ also, but in ‘Chaalbaaz’, she had a double-dynamic to a role. I doubt if any of our existing actresses would be able to pull off such a class act. (The Tribune)

Shilpa Shetty

  • Sridevi is a legend. She is like my second mom. She did films like Sadma and Chalbaaz at the same time. That shows the kind of variety she offers. She balanced her career with commercial and critically acclaimed films. She is my god!
    (, October, 2007)


  • Sridevi is amazing. The on-screen chemistry between her and my father is amazing. She is my second mom--an amazing person (, October, 2007).

Sonam Kapoor

  • Sridevi is an actress I would love to go on a date with . I had a huge crush on her as a kid and in college as well. (, Nov, 2008)


Sonu Sood

  • Let me make a candid confession. I’ve always been more of a Sri-bhakt than a Mads man. At the peak of their respective careers when they were pitched against each other, Sridevi always had an edge. She was what I’d call a complete star-actress who left us with the most stunning hurrah in Judaai . A terrible film that I’ve watched countless times to see her play the money-minded harridan who ‘sells’ her husband to Urmila Matondkar. Who but Sridevi could carry of such an outrageous role with such enthusiastic élan?!

    I remember sitting with
    Yash Chopra in his bungalow after Judaai was released. Sridevi was in hospital having just delivered her first-born. I remember Mr Chopra urging Sri to come put of marital retirement. “I’ll personally design a whole film for you. Just come back.” I overheard him say.  (The Times of India, December, 2007)

  • The clash of the 'traditional' and the 'modern' was gloriously resplendent in K. Vishwanath's Jaag Utha Insaan where that other screen queen Sridevi danced her way into the temple-portals without looking like anything but a certifiable screen goddess. (, Dec,2007)

  • Life on television has a new meaning. It’s called the Sridevi factor. And here’s how it works. Take a plateful of Sridevi’s charisma, add it to a witty spicy Tamil-bahu-in-a-Punjabi-houseld formula, serve up piping hot. And voila! The junta sits up and takes notice of a channel that’s gone within a week from be-sahara to Sahara. In a scenario reminiscent of Star Plus prior to KBC, suddenly after Sridevi and Malini Iyer (strictly in that order) the fortunes of Sahara are looking up. (, Feb, 2004)

Subhash K Jha
(Flim Critic)

  • Sridevi will remain superstar long after the present lot of heroines disappear. (Filmfare, Aug, 1998).

Sunil Shetty

  • When I came here, someone told me, ‘Sridevi was the only man in the industry’. If she was in a film, they didn’t ask ‘Hero Kaun Hai? (Stardust).

Sushmita Sen

  • Sridevi is superb in the livewire kind of roles like Mr. India.
    (Cine Blitz, Oct, 1988)


  • In my adolescent brain only that registered— Sridevi-Mr India. I loved her in it. (The Sunday Tribune, Oct, 2003).

Tanisha Mukherjee (Actress)

  • When I was growing up there was a phase when Rekha did most of the movies with my dad. You know, the typical family dramas. She was the wife, and my father, the husband. I used to be quite happy to watch her with my dad in all his films, like quite the done thing, like a daily thaali. Then when I saw Himmatwala, with dad and Sridevi, I was like, 'Who is she? We don't want her to be playing my dad's wife, she's so... eeeee!' I was a die-hard Rekha loyalist; in fact, it was my sister who was a big Sridevi fan. From day one, she was like, 'Sridevi is my kind of idol.'

Tushar Kapoor

  • In Judaai, Sridevi treated me like any senior professional treats a junior professional and we discussed the weather. She was sweet . (Filmfare, May, 1997).

  •  Sridevi is a heroine who wasnt born with a silver spoon, and she made it in an industry where it is very difficult to come up. She is the last big heroine we have, and she sustained her position for quite some time. I think of her only as the Sridevi who started with Julie and who's come a long way. (Stardust, April, 1997).

  • I thoroughly enjoyed the scenes that I did with Sridevi in Judaai. She is such a complete actress & I learned so much from her…Actually, I am an admirer of Sridevi & her work.

Urmila Matondkar (Actress)

  • Sridevi has been in the industry since her childhood and still works hard. I think that she is the most dedicated and professional actresses of all. and a lot of people should look up to her. (Cine Blitz, June, 1996).


  • I don't think glamour is about taking off clothes. If it was Madhubala, Rekha or Sridevi wouldn't have been glamorous. Rekha in all her finery and jewellery is so glamorous! (, Oct, 2007).

Vidya Balan

  • In Lamhe I had to match steps with Sridevi who's such an excellent dancer. I enjoy watching Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Sridevi, Madhuri Dixit and Juhi Chawla.
    (Filmfare, April, 1995)


Waheeda Rehman

  • She is one of the finest actresses, a tremendous dancer and a pucca professional. I had tried to present her differently in Chandni - in white and with very little jewellery. Even in Lamhe, she was so striking in the double role of a woman from a Rajashani backdrop and her boisterous daughter. I am asked why I cast Juhi instead of Sri in Darr. That's because the role wouldn't have suited Sri - the girl had to look frightened and weak. Darr was a hero-oriented subject. I'm told that I have given Juhi the Sridevi look. I don't quite agree. I gave Juhi the Chandni look, the look of a North Indian girl. Will I work with Sridevi in the future? I admire her... so why shouldn't!? But where will I find a suitable subject for her? (Filmfare, April, 1994)

  • Sridevi can only move up. She has gone beyond the number game. She has achieved what only a few can.

  • Sridevi was the one who struck me as the girl who came close to my concept of Chandni. So I opted for her.
    (Star & Style, May, 1988)

  • Putting her in a five star hotel, paying for air fare and other expenses is a package deal when you sign Sridevi. There is nothing surprising about it. Filmmakers know she's worth every penny they pay her, that is why they sign her.
    (Star & Style, July, 1991)

  • Sridevi's screen personality is sheer magic. You can never really guess what she's capable of until she switches herself on in front of the camera. You cant compare her with any heroine of the past. She's one of a kind. yet you see in her almost every great actress of the past. she could easily stand in for any of them.
    (Filmfare, Aug, 1990)

  • Sridevi is such a good actress that she merged into the character of my heroine Chandni. She made the character overpower her star image. That is her biggest asset. Imagine an actress from the south has become a living character in the north! Now you have Chandni sarees, salwar kameez and even chudiyan.
    (Showtime, Jan, 1990)


Yash Chopra
(Director, Producer)

  • My favorite rain song is “Kaate nahin kat-te yeh din yeh raat” from Mr. India. It had Sridevi in a wet blue chiffon sari at her sensuous best. She projected the quintessential Indian woman. Simply super! (, Sept, 2007)


Zayed Khan